When you understand what products you want to sell, you need to find a supplier. An important role is played by his reliability check. You do not have to worry about these issues with us, since all responsibility falls on our specialists.

Experts analyze the market, find the best products for your request, check the documentation that confirms the legal work of the manufacturer.
Registration of an Application
Supplier search and verification
Preparation of contract documentation

The execution of contract documentation is one of the most important stages, since it guarantees you the honesty of the transaction with the manufacturer from China.

Over the years of experience, we have repeatedly encountered such procedure, so we guarantee full legal support at this stage. This way it will be possible to avoid delays in the delivery of goods and other misunderstandings. Contracts are executed in three languages (English, Chinese, and Russian).

We guarantee the accuracy of translation and correct interpretation.
Production of goods
Our company promotes the production of OEM/ODM goods. In the first case, the products are manufactured according to your technical requirements and will be sold under your brand.

This is the preferred choice of entrepreneurs. With ODM, the Chinese manufacturer creates goods according to the technical task, but without a template or an analog of the products on hand. In this case, a product with modified technological characteristics is obtained.

We will help you choose the best type of production, taking into account your ideas and goals.
Payment is made by online transfer of funds. A personal manager provides all the details and assists with the transfer. We save your time and money, so we approach the payment process responsibly.
Ordering and delivery of samples
The obtained samples allow us to make sure that the ideas completely converge with reality. We establish communication with the supplier, transmit all the necessary information that is required for the production of goods. Then we organize the delivery of samples.

Based on the received products, you decide whether to cooperate further with the manufacturer or not.
Quality control
The quality control product in China is another factor that confirms the correct choice of supplier. This procedure allows us and you to make sure that the manufacturer is reliable.

The inspection includes three stages: control of the supplier's production site, inspection of samples, control of finished products before shipment.

The inspection is carried out by our experts personally, if necessary, involve laboratories. This allows you to be sure of the quality and quality control.
Preparation of export documentation and customs clearance

After the goods have been produced and passed quality control, we will proceed to the execution of the following documents: export declaration, bill of lading, transport contract.

We take responsibility for the preparation of all legal documents that are necessary for the safe delivery of cargo and customs clearance.

In this matter, you can completely trust us.
Choosing a profitable logistics solution

Delivery of goods from China to your country is another stage that requires a professional approach. And we will provide it.

For each client, we develop the optimal route, choose the most profitable type of transport for delivery. We will arrange air cargo delivery in 5 days.

We solve a problem of any complexity in container stores using our many years of experience. In the matter of logistics, our Ubitrade experts are very flexible and ready to meet halfway, choosing the best solutions.